[lang_en]Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)[/lang_en][lang_zh]电子电气工程学士[/lang_zh]



Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)

University University of Newcastle, Australia
Course Overview Every organisation or even nation needs a whole network of personnel in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly. One vital link in this network is the electrical engineer. He is becoming a much sought after person in our new economy. On his shoulders lies the responsibility of improving the capacity of countries in the new and emerging technologies. Electrical engineering is the science of power generation and distribution, signal processing, and analogue and digital electronics.

The Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) is designed to provide you with hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge that will prepare and equip you for the challenges of the new economy, while meeting requirements for widely accepted electrical engineering qualifications.

Course Content This course gives students with GCE ‘O’ levels or equivalent a head start to an undergraduate degree programme. Year 1 contains bridging components to prepare students for further undergraduate work. The accelerated schedule allows a typical 5-year programme of study to be completed within 4 years. Major subjects are: English, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Sensors & Machines, Engineering Practice, Quantum Mechanics & Semiconductor Physics, Electrical Circuits, Software Engineering, Calculus of Science and Engineering, Signals and Systems, Electronics, Telecommunications, Signal, Electric Machines and Power Systems Processing, Engineering and Project Management, Programmable Logic Design, Embedded Systems, Electrical Engineering Design, Electrical Systems, Automatic Control, Electronics Design, Technology and Human Values, Final Year Engineering Projects A & B, Industrial Experience Placement.
Career Opportunities Graduate of the programme has endless career possibilities including: Drive Systems, Power Generation & Distribution, Industrial Automation Systems, Measurement & Sensing Systems, Communications, Other career choices include utilities in the Industry & Manufacturing sectors, Consulting Services & Electronic Design & Development.
Entry Requirements A minimum of 5 GCE ‘O’ level credits including English (Second languages are excluded). Applicants without the required average grades may also apply but will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the University.
Exemptions Applicants with the following qualifications are exempted from Year 1: GCE ‘A’
levels (minimum 3 ‘A’ level passes, excluding General Paper); or Diploma from a local polytechnic or other recognised institutions.
Duration The course can be completed within 4 years or 3 years for those with exemption.
Intakes Year 1 & 2 intakes: August every year
Course Fee S$72,760.00 (4 years) or S$64,200.00 (3 years), inclusive of 7% GST but exclude textbooks.





课程等级 本科
颁发机构 澳大利亚纽卡斯尔大学
报名费 新币$183元(=人民币¥915元)
学习时间 共 48 个月
学年学费 48 个月 – 学费为新加坡币 $72760 元



* 学费可分期付款。录取后第一次交费金额约为:[第一年学费]+[英语预科学费]+[杂费]。





第一年:高中/中专/职高在读或毕业;平均成绩的75% (高2)/60% (高3)


杂费总计 资料费和考试费等杂费约为新币$500左右