[lang_en]Auston Institute of Management & Technology (AIMT)[/lang_en][lang_zh]澳世敦管理与技术学院 (AIMT)[/lang_zh]


Auston Institute of Management & Technology (AIMT) founded in 1996, Auston Institute of Management & Technology has since established itself as a leading private education provider and distance education centre in Singapore.

Corporate Vision

To be internationally recognised as an educational institution which embraces creativity and seizes new opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

Corporate Mission

To be the preferred educational institution in enriching individuals through innovative and quality academic development.

Our Core Values

  • Assurance of Quality Education
  • To provide quality education that satisfies our student’s expectations and accredited standards of excellence.

  • Unity and Team Spirit
  • To strengthen team spirit among our staff through encouragement, co-operation and motivation.

  • Stakeholder’s Satisfaction
  • To enhance our students’ academic and professional development and achieve a desirable return for our stakeholders.

  • Transparency in our Policies and Communications
  • To implement clear policies and procedures to ensure integrity and consistency when dealing with our staff, students and stakeholders.

  • On-going Learning and Innovation
  • To foster industry relevance of our programmes by embracing creativity, novelty and innovation.

  • Nurturing Environmental and Social Responsibility
  • To encourage responsible corporate citizenry through community service and environmental care.








    • 教育质量的保证
    • 提供能够满足学生需求以及被认可的教育

    • 团队精神的建设
    • 通过鼓励、互助和激发的管理手段,加强内部所有员工的团队凝聚力和创造力

    • 股东满意度的提升
    • 增强学生学术和专业教育的建设,给予股东称心的回报

    • 政策和交流透明化
    • 实施清晰明确的政策和反馈流程,确保公正、公平地处理全体教职员工、学员和股东提出的建议

    • 持续的学习和创新
    • 通过持续的学习与创新,促进我院课程相关行业的发展

    • 环境和社会责任意识的树立
    • 通过参加社区服务和环保活动,培养学生的公民意识