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Bachelor of Commerce in International Supply Chain

University Singapore Institute of Materials Management
Course Content + Logistics Economic Activity

+ International Management

+ Internet Marketing

+ Strategic Logistics Management

+ Transport Economics

+ Supply Chain Information Management

+ International Trade & Banking

+ Materials Management
Duration 1 year
Course Fee 1 Year=$14,000 + Registration Fee S$250 + Course Fee Insurance S$150 + Visa Fee S$30 + Student Pass S$70 + Sponsor Fee S$500 + Administration Fee/Miscellaneous S$1,000 + Regional Trip S$700

The above fees excludes government 7% GST and should be payable before the commencement of the course.
Admission Criteria 1. Students are required to obtain our advanced diploma qualification in order to pursue this degree course. (Case by Case)

2. Relevant working experience is preferred.

3. Good economic background for studying abroad is necessary.

4. Applicant documents and payments should be submitted within the required period.

5. The Candidates must take part in an English test. If he fails, he will be required to take up one or two level English full-time course. Per level is 3 months. (The English course fee is S$2,200/level)
Intakes Mar. Jul. Nov.