To be a global education provider, equipping students with the latest knowledge and technical competence, and imbuing in them high ethical standards, that enable them to be immediate value contributors to businesses and society.


Our mission I to meet the aspirations of our stakeholders by

  • Providing educational and training opportunities for all who aspire to succeed
  • Providing quality services to our customers by inculcation in our people a culture of quality consciousness & speed
  • Adopting a process system that is customer driven & service oriented and
  • Developing our people to the fullest of their potential with integrity and professional competence

Culture & Key Beliefs

  • Market-ing is our daily thought
  • Teamwork is our spirit
  • Matrix organization is our practice
  • Mentoring is how we lead
  • Process is how we ensure quality
  • Speed is how we deliver
  • Innovation is how we compete
  • meticulous Execution of processes is how we ensure desired outcomes!!

Location & Facilities

  • As a Private Education Organization (PEO) dedicated to proving aholistic education approach for ourstudents, EASB is one of the one of the few private institution that have its own self-contained campus, centrally located at Balestier.
  • Occupies a land area of 18,000 sqm with more than 37,000 sqm of built-up area.
  • Can accommodate up to more than 6,000 enrolled students
  • Close proximity to food street at Balestier Road, convenience stores, automated teller machines (ATM), and the highly patronized, Novena Square.
  • Close proximity to food street at Balestier Road, convenience stores, automated teller machines (ATM), and the highly patronized, Novena Square.
  • Within walking distance from bus-stop, a 10-15 mins walking distance to Toa Payoh and Novena MRT station.
  • Students will be able to enjoy new state-of-the-art facilities that includes,
    60 classrooms & mini lecture theatres, fully equipped with multimedia learning technology
  • Student Learning Centre, Full wireless access, Bookstore, Canteen, Library, Computer Laboratory, Language Laboratory, Video-conferencing Room, Admin Floor, Post-graduate Resource Centre, Multipurpose Hall, Badminton Courts, Cricket Lane, Tennis Courts, Mini-soccer field, Basketball courts, Running Track, Gym

Founded in 2001

Registered with the Ministry of Education, Singapore

A leading provider of a wide range of academic and professional programs

Established collaborative partnerships with several overseas universities that have recognized the quality of the programs offered at EASB

Committed to academic excellence and community service as reflected in its vision, mission and key beliefs

Awarded the highest educational excellence award, The Singapore Quality Class (SQC) for Private Education Organizations (PEOs) in 2003.

The Singapore quality class For Private Education Organizations (SQC-PEOs) award is to recognize the very best of private educational institutions that have attained a commendable level of performance in their journey to education excellence. As such, we are honored that EASB has been recognized as one of the top-tier private schools.

Having been awarded the SQC for PEO status, EASB has these benefits to offer to our International Students;

  • Waiver of security deposit
  • No interview required at Singapore’s Beijing Embassy for students from PRC
  • Fast-track approval for student pass
  • 1-month social visit pass, upon completion of studies.



新加坡东亚管理学院 EASB 作为一所专注于迎合学生需求的私立院校,是唯数不多的几所拥有自己独立校园的私立院校之一,其主校区汉德森校园位于汉德森路。

  • 距公交站步行只需 2 分钟,距地铁站步行只需 10 分钟
  • 学院邻近食肆、便利店、自动提款机(ATM)、购物中心、中巴鲁广场
  • 占地总面积 74400 平方尺,建筑面积 37880 平方尺,设有主校区、停车场、花园、篮球场和羽毛球场
  • 汉德森主校区能容纳 2000 名学生
  • 它设有 21 间课室,能容纳 40 至 60 名学生
  • 配备良好的教学设施包括宽敞的课室、多媒体实验室、图书馆、电脑室、餐厅、篮球场和羽毛球场, EASB 汉德森主校区为我们的学生提供有利的学习环境


  • 多媒体计算机实验室:


  • 无线上网环境:

    EASB 汉德森主校区为学生提供无线上网环境,让学生能够在校园任何地方学习。

  • 图书馆:

    学院图书馆是所有学生另外一个主要学习资源,它为学生提供有效和最新的学习资料。此外,还为我们的合作大学图书馆以及新加坡其它信息中心提供网络资源设 施。它内藏有书籍、报刊、杂志和电子图书等。图书馆提供的书籍与我们学生所学的课程相关。。包括商务原理、管理学、人力资源管理、市场营销、经济学、金 融、酒店、休闲管理、旅游、会计、社会学、法律、计算机和信息技术等。图书馆内设有专门供学生研究和课外作业使用的专用计算机设施。