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The Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), founded in 1956, is Singapore’s oldest not-for-profit professional institute for lifelong learning.

MDIS provides the opportunity for individuals to develop professionally through academic programmes in the areas of Business and Management, Mass Communications, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Life Sciences and Information Technology, offered universities in France, United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia. Its current student enrolment is more than 12,000, out of which about 3,500 are international students from over 55 countries. MDIS also offers quality management development seminars and services. The success of MDIS‘ graduates is attributed to the institute’s strong commitment to high quality standards of education. MDIS‘ exemplary education and business excellence were further endorsed in July 2003 when MDIS became one of the first institutes to achieve the Singapore Quality Class award for Private Education Organisations (PEOs). In August 2005, MDIS received the CaseTrust Accreditation for PEOs.

MDIS Facilities

MDIS has a history of providing training and educational services to the community and the nation. The $35 million MDIS UniCampus occupies a three-hectare land area. It has state-of-the-art classrooms, biomedical laboratories, computer laboratories, a hospitality training centre, a mass communications studio and sports facilities such as a gym, and basketball and tennis courts. The UniCampus also has an amphitheatre that can house art performances and other events. The UniCampus is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing students access to the World Wide Web anywhere in the campus. In addition, MDIS enhances students’ learning experience with the Blackboard Learning System and Video Streaming Technology which allow them online access to lecture notes, learning resources and recorded lessons anytime, anywhere.



MDIS logo

新加坡管理发展学院(Management Developement Institute of Singapore,简称MDIS)是新加坡创办最早,为终生学习而设地非营利地专业学府。学院成立于1956年,半个世纪地丰富地教学经验使其成为新加 坡最具声誉和实力地教育机构之一。在长达50年地历史中,新加坡管理发展学院通过提供认证的课程、讨论会和管理服务,始终保持着对专业认识职业发展及培训的专注。同时,新加坡管理发 展学院与世界级知名大学合作,面向国内外学生开设了大专、本科、硕士及博士课程,专业包括商业管理、大专传媒、信息科技、生物医学、旅游观光等。学院师资 力量雄厚,拥有超过400名通过评审的全职和兼职讲师和教授。目前在校有6000多名新加坡本地学生和2000多名来自世界30多个国家和地区的国际学 生,其中中国学生近800名。新加坡管理发展学院对高教育水准的坚持,为一届又一届的毕业生在本地及国际职场中奠定了成功的基础。2003年7月,新加坡 管理发展学院第一批获得了新加坡素质奖SQC,证明新加坡管理发展学院卓越的教育及管理水平得到了新加坡政府的充分的认可。2005年8月,学院通过“新 加坡消费者协会”的教育认证CaseTrust for Education,进一步保证了其服务的质量。另外,新加坡管理发展学院也是首批获得中国驻新加坡大使馆认证并收到其推荐的学院。


  • 新加坡最具权威和实力的学院之一,拥有半个实际的教学经验
  • 首批获得SQC荣誉资质认证的新加坡私立教育机构
  • 获得“新加坡消费者协会保证标志”
  • 资金雄厚,稳定可信,拥有全方位服务的大学校园
  • 从语言课程可直达本科及硕士学位
  • 国际认可的学历,本科及以上学位与英、美、澳洲大学本部所颁发的学位证书完全相同 本科可转至英国、美国、或澳洲大学本部就读,移民就业前景良好。