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Diploma in Biomedical Science (BMS)

Course Objectives The Diploma in Biomedical Science (BMS) will equip you with the skills to be at the forefront of research to discover breakthroughs in understanding human genetics and cures for diseases.
Most Established Biomedical Science Programme

BMS is the most established and recognised biomedical science program in Singapore. It focuses on research and development in human biomedical science, developmental biology & genetics, human diseases, cell and molecular biology, genomics and proteomics.

Enjoy a hands-on and enhanced learning experience with our small class sizes and state-of-the-art facilities. You will be guided by our highly qualified teaching staff. With many years of research and industrial experience in their chosen fields, LSCT staffs continue to keep abreast with their research and have received R&D project funds totaling over S$5 million.

Attachments with Top Research & Medical Institutions

The intensive hands-on final-year research project conducted in collaboration with external institutions develops your ability to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical skills. Select your preferred choice of local or overseas research institutions for your four-month Industrial Attachment Programme. Go on local attachments with top institutes such as the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, National Cancer Centre, National Neuroscience Institute, Genome Institute of Singapore, hospital research laboratories and biomedical companies.
Course Content Year 1– Inorganic & Physical Chemistry, Microbiology, Mathematics, Physiology, Creativity & Applied Thinking Skills, Sports & Wellness, Cell Biology, Organic Chemistry, Information Technology for the Life Sciences, Biostatistics, Individual & the Community, Communication

Year 2– Medical Microbiology, Immunology, Cell Culture & Tissue Applications, Developmental Biology & Genetics, Medical Biochemistry, Instrumentation & Analytical Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, Innovation & Enterprise in Action

Year 3– Life Sciences Seminar Series, Genomics, Proteomics, World Issues: A Singapore Perspective, Pharmaceutical Science & Clinical Trials, Molecular Biology of Diseases, Medical Laboratory Science
Duration 3 Years
Course Fee $2000++ Per Year (After 80% Government Grant)
Admission Criteria GCE ‘O’ Level examinations or equivalent results as followed:
Pass in English and 2 other science or maths/Add maths subjects.
English as a second language (EL2) must be a minimum grade of 6.
Intakes April