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Diploma in Optometry (OPT) – New!

Course Objectives With an ageing population and rising myopia prevalence and its severity, it has been projected that more than 80 per cent of Singapore’s adult population could be myopic within two to three decades. More and more, qualified optometrists are in demand to prevent and correct refractive errors, as well as detect, diagnose and manage eye disorders.
Course Content Year 1– General Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Geometrical & Physical Optics, Maths, Ocular Anatomy & Physiology, Creativity & Applied Thinking Skills, Sports & Wellness, Fundamentals of Contact Lens, Microbiology & Pathology , Refraction , Ophthalmic Optics, Visual & Physiological Optics, Individual & the Community, Communication Toolkit

Year 2– Clinical Optometry, Clinical Optometric Instrumentation, Ophthalmic Dispensing, Principles of Contact Lens Fitting, Systemic Pathology , Interdisciplinary Studies modules, Ocular Diseases & Management, Contact Lens Complications, Biostatistics, Research Methodology, Binocular & Paediatric Vision, General Clinical Practice 1, Innovation & Enterprise in Action, Industrial Attachment Programme

Year 3– Community Health & Industrial Optometry, Management of Optometry Practice, Research Project A, Contact Lens Clinical Practice 1 , General Clinical Practice 2 , Law & Ethics, Psychology, Geriatric & Low Vision, Ophthalmic Pharmacology, Contact Lens Clinical Practice 2, Research Project B, General Clinical Practice 3, World Issues: A Singapore Perspective, Any 1 Interdisciplinary Studies module
Duration 3 Years
Course Fee $2000++ Per Year (After 80% Government Grant)
Admission Criteria GCE O-Level or equivalence to the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ or ‘A’ Level^ examinations i) ITE Certificate in Business Studies – Accounting
Intakes April