[lang_en]Bachelor of Engineering (Telecommunications)[/lang_en][lang_zh]信息工程硕士[/lang_zh]



Bachelor of Engineering (Telecommunications)

University University of Newcastle, Australia
Course Overview

When you watched Live Earth – World Cup matches happening thousands of miles away as they are being played, do you realise this was not possible just a few decades ago? And what about the obsolete telegram and snail mail which has now morphed into a whole new form and lifestyle – instant MSN and SMS on mobile phones. Even as we speak someone somewhere is creating yet another revolutionary telecommunications device.

The world of telecommunications – essentially about forms of communication – has evolved at such a breakneck speed that the question to ask ourselves is…what next?

The telecommunications engineer is a highly trained professional and also very much in demand in industries. His / Her contribution in the area of telecommunications software is as vital as that of any other kind of engineer – in ensuring the smooth and seamless running of an organization or even nation.

Telecommunications engineering is the science of designing, implementing and managing telecommunications hardware, software and systems for processing and transmitting information. It really offers quite a fascinating insight into the world of telecommunications, demystifying it in the process.

Course Content Electrical Circuits, Signals and Systems, Introduction to Telecommunications, Computer Engineering, Electronics, Signal Processing, Telecommunication Networks, Digital Communications, Programmable Logic Design, Embedded Systems, Electronics Design, Wireless Systems and Advanced Communications, Final Year Engineering, Engineering and Project Management, Calculus of Science and Engineering, Engineering Mathematics, Advanced Electromagnetism for Scientists and Engineers.
Duration The course can be completed within a minimum period of 3 years 4 months..
Entry Requirements The minimum requirement is a diploma from the local polytechnic institutions with average B/C grades.
Candidates with the following diploma qualifications may consider applying for Bachelor of
Engineering (Telecommunications): Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Diploma in Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering, Diploma in Electronics, Computer & Communications Engineering, Diploma in Telecommunication

Applicants with other relevant diploma qualifications may also apply, but will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the University.
Intakes January, August every year
Course Fee Total course fee: S$37,610.50, Per module fee: S$1,979.50; Per FYP fee: S$5,938.50. All fees are inclusive of 7% GST but exclude textbooks.





课程等级 硕士
颁发机构 澳大利亚纽卡斯尔大学
报名费 新币$183元(=人民币¥915元)
学习时间 共 12 个月
学年学费 12 个月 – 学费为新加坡币 $24075 元



* 学费可分期付款。





第一年:高中/中专/职高在读或毕业;平均成绩的75% (高2)/60% (高3)


杂费总计 资料费和考试费等杂费约为新币$500左右