[lang_en]Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Genetics)[/lang_en][lang_zh]工商管理学士[/lang_zh]



Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Genetics)

University University of Western Australia
Course Overview PSB Academy is proud to be the first education provider in Singapore to induct our students into the exciting world of Genetics. If you are thrilled by the likes of TV series such as “ C.S.I”, “ Law & Order” “Grey’s Anatomy and have a passion for science to boot, you would be a candidate to enter the fascinating world of forensic science.
The phenomenal growth of genetics together with the advent of the Human Genome Project has turned genetics into a powerful science that is the focus of much research throughout the world.
With the extensive practical applications of genetics, its use had been documented in fields such as medicine, forensics, agriculture and pharmaceuticals.
This course is designed to give a focused induction into the world of genetics resulting from the generation of complete genome sequences of human and other organisms. Emphasis is placed on new and exciting fields such as molecular genetics and genomics.
Graduates of the Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Genetics) will be prepared for entry into a wide array of exciting career choices.

Course Outline Biological Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, Biological Organic Chemistry, Calculus B, Human Biology, Molecular Biology of the Cell, Statistics A, Biochemical Regulation of Cell Function, Biochemistry of the Cell, Bioinformatics, General and Applied Microbiology, Introduction to Forensic Science, Introductory Immunology, Introductory Microbiology, Molecular Genetics, Principles of Genetics, Infection and Immunity, Medical Genetics, Molecular Genomics
Duration Can be completed within a minimum period of 4 years or shorter with exemption.
Entry Requirements • GCE ‘A’ Level and STPM (calculated over 2 or more subjects = 8 points for BSc (Sport Science) and 9 points for all other UWA BSc science programmes) (A = 5, B = 4, C = 3, D = 2, E = 1); or

• PSB Life Sciences Foundation with an average ‘C’ grade, not lower than ‘D’ in any unit.

Language Proficiency • C6 or better for GCE ‘O’ Level; or

• 570 (paper-based total) and 230 (computer-based total) in TOEFL with Essay Rating/TWE of 4.5 or Internet-based Test (iBT): An overall score of 90 with a minimum score of 22 in the Writing section and no less than 20 in the other sections; or

• 6.5 in IELTS with no band less than 6.0; or

• ‘C’ grade for the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English


— GCE ‘A’ Level Mathematics or equivalent is also a pre-requisite for entry to the Science courses. Advanced standing may be granted for relevant polytechnic diploma holders subjected to the University’s assessment.

Intakes March, September every year
Course Fee Total course fee: S$37,236.00; Per module (6 credit points): S$1,551.50
Per module (12 credit points): S$3,103.00. All fees inclusive of 7% GST but excludes textbooks.





学习时间 共 36 个月
授课学校 新加坡PSB学院
课程等级 本科
颁发机构 美国加尼福尼亚大学长滩分校
报名费 新币$183元(=人民币¥915元)
学年学费 36 个月 – 学费为新加坡币 $59556 元
学费总计 新币$59556元(=人民币¥297780元)


* 学费可分期付款。录取后第一次交费金额约为:[第一年学费]+[英语预科学费]+[杂费]。
杂费总计 资料费和考试费等杂费约为新币$500左右
英语预科 英语预科课程共分4级,每级3个月,由入学英语测试成绩决定需要读几级

特别说明 学校提供$20000新币助学金