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The Singapore Accountancy Academy (SAA) was established in 1985, with a vision to service and foster the needs of the accountancy industry. It is the training arm of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore (ICPAS). ICPAS is Singapore’s largest and one of the most established professional bodies in Singapore, administering over 19,000 members.

SAA has over 20 years track record and has consistently produced a list of prize winners for the ACCA and CAT programmes in the Singapore and International category. The Academy has trained thousands of individuals to upgrade their education and career needs through various academic and continuing professional education programs.

There are currently more than 5,000 part-time and full time students studying at the SAA, with students from Singapore, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, and other Asia Pacific region.


Singapore Quality Class for PEO

In November 2005, SAA received the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) for Private Education Organisations (PEO) award.


The SAA is one of the first few organizations to be awarded the CaseTrust for Education accreditation by the Consumer Association of Singapore. The recognition affirms good business practice and commitment to customers. The CaseTrust for Education scheme has been customized specifically by CASE for the education industry in Singapore. The scheme will enhance the confidence of international students and their parents in the quality of education in Singapore.

Platinum – ACCA Approved Learning Partner

The SAA has been awarded “Platinum” approval by the ACCA, United Kingdom.

Platinum approval is the highest and most prestigious level of the programme. To be considered for Platinum approval, tuition providers must already have achieved Gold approval and in addition to the challenging performance targets that have been demonstrated to attain Gold approval, the tuition provider must also meet ACCA’s Platinum performance targets and Platinum pass-rate targets over two consecutive sets of results.



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新加坡会计学院(简称SAA)成立于1985年,是新加坡会计师协会专属的一所非赢利的专业培训院校,已有超过20多年的会计培训经验,是新加坡成 立最久,最具权威的会计培训学院,并被英国特许公认会计师公会授予ACCA“优质培训机构”。学院承担了对学员和在职会计进行金融,会计和财政方面的专业 培训任务,有助于提高他们的专业服务水平,让他们在新加坡这个高度发展的经济领域里更具竞争力。学院现有学生3000多名,其中700多名为国际学生。

学院校区位于阿裕尼地铁站附近,包括各种规格的教师,宽敞的礼堂,设施完善的电脑中心,资料丰富的阅览室和文体娱乐区,共占地29,900平方英 尺,为学生提供了优越的学习环境。学校还在新加坡金融中心设立了面积10,000平方英尺的培训和会计师会员的活动中心,以满足广大学员的需要。